Local Kids Donate Gift Bags To Law Enforcement Officers

A simple act of kindness: gift bags making the day for local law enforcement officers.

A local church made survival kits and gave them to the Traverse City Police Department and Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Office.

Crew Club kids at the Presbyterian Church of Traverse City made bags of candy with sayings on them for all of the local law enforcement.

The kids wanted to show their thanks to who they call our community’s heroes.

The bags had things like starbursts for “a burst of energy” and gum to “help everyone stick together”.

“We took the theme hero and talked about who’s a hero in our own community and we decided that our law enforcement are our heroes,” said Carrie Griffin, director of Christian education. “They protect us and they keep us safe and we wanted to show our thanks and gratitude towards them.”

The officers we spoke to said it was a simple gift that made them smile at the end of their day.

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