Variety Show in Reed City Showcases Talent for a Cause

Musicians poets and other talented people with disabilities and their allies coming together to show their skills to support a local special education program.

The variety show took place at the Reed City Theater guild.

About 100 people attended the show where those performing gave plenty of laughs and tears to the audience, the 2 hour show took two years of planning and producing.

Performers came from as close as Traverse City and as far away as Cedar Springs. We asked some of the people performing what tonight meant to them.

“I did see some laughter from my portion, some amazement, did see a couple of tears.” said Philip Langworthy the events MC and a comedian,

“I just like this just because it show that they have talents and abilities to make people happy” he added.

Money raised from ticket sales and donations will go to the special education program at Reed City Middle School.

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