Traverse City Organizations Hold Vigil to Honor the Lives Lost in Las Vegas Shooting

People in Traverse City are gathering to remember the dozens killed in last week’s mass shooting.

And this group wants to show Las Vegas that Northern Michigan stands with them in the shadow of this tragedy.

We have seen people of all ages meeting and greeting one another here at the open space.

Traverse City Moms Demand Action, along with Up North Pride, quickly began organizing this candlelight vigil hours after the shooting happened.

During the program a minister, as well as representatives from both organizations will read off the 58 names of those who lost their lives.

Organizers say even from across the country, this moment of silence and memorial is an important way for everyone to reflect after such a tragedy.

“We want them to be able to pause a minute and reflect and remember that the world we live in is not a safe world. If they can take away with just taking a moment of silence and remembering people whose lives were lost and they can commit to doing some type of action to put into effort so stuff like this doesn’t happen again,” “Meredith Fritz, Traverse City Moms Demand Action said.

The vigil is expected to last about an hour, and we will be here capturing every minute of it.

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