Roscommon County’s Charlton Heston Academy Celebrates First Homecoming Parade

“Today is our very first official homecoming parade for the Charlton Heston Academy,” Tracy Cruz, president of C.H. Academy said.

“It’s really fun and you could maybe hang out with us and the patriots, have fun,” Keaton and Bryce said.

“They’re going to CHA pride all the way through town. Proud parents, proud teachers and proud students. Our new mascot here. Just a good old time and proud to be who we are,” Cruz said.

What do you hope to see the outcome tonight at the homecoming game?

“That the patriots are going to win” Keaton and Bryce said.

What’s the score going to be?

“Twenty-thousand to one. No, more than that, 1,800,822,” Keaton and Bryce said.


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