Northern Michigan Students Get Hands on Experience in Manufacturing Careers

“It’s really cool to be able to see the different kinds of atmospheres that our Traverse City areas have.”

Bus loads of students got hands on with the prospect of a career in manufacturing.

“Many students nowadays don’t even know that manufacturing exists in our region and this is our opportunity to show them that we do exist, we’re not just a beautiful town in Northern Michigan but we do have some really great manufacturing businesses here,” Jon Dreher, VP of manufacturing, Tentcraft said.

Of the more than 200 businesses participating throughout the state, 33 of them were located right here in Northern Michigan.

“It’s so important so that they can understand the awareness, the importance of manufacturing, what it means to our region, the economy and also the good jobs that are available to them,” Betsy Williams, business development and training specialist said.

The students who visited Tentcraft also got a chance to see its different departments, including marketing, accounting and project management.

“I didn’t even know that we had a tent industry here in Traverse City, but it’s really cool because we got to go into the tents and it’s really cool to see how much goes into it since they have everyone actually sewing them by hand,” Opal Pousho, seventh grade student, Glen Lake Community School said.

“It’s good to get a better look into what there is in Traverse City and what I didn’t know, so it was pretty cool,” Joey Schwindt, seventh grade student, Glen Lake Community School said.

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