Marion Fair’s Haunted House Ghostly Grand Opening

Countdown to the grand opening of the 2nd Annual Marion Fair’s Haunted House is just hours away.

The vice president of the Marion Fair says without the money raised from the haunted house — the Marion Fair might not be able to stay afloat next year.

The Bailey family has been working on this for 60 hours to make all of this happen

“I like scaring people,” said the Marion Fair vice president, Karl Bailey.

While the Marion Fair was struggling for money — the idea of a cross between a fundraiser and a haunted house — came to life.

“We were short on money so we did it the first year to keep afloat for the year to go by cuz we still have insurance and light bills we had to pay,” said Karl.

The haunted house raised $1,500 last year…and Karl hopes they can raise $2,000 this year.

“All the money goes back to the fair,” he said. “So this money will help us stay alive during the winter when we’re not making money.”

This terrifying attraction has 13 different themed rooms.

“You might come through, get scared, come back in two hours and it might not be the same,” said Karl. “People move around, people might change costumes.”

So with scarers always changing their scare tactics…you never know what you’re going to find around a dark corner.

And the ones being scared aren’t the only ones whose heart rates rise after a good scare….

“Oh I love it it’s an adrenaline rush,” he said.

One of the scarers from last year agrees.

“Oh it makes me laugh a lot when i get a good scare ya know,” she said.

A spooky resource — designed to keep decades worth of tradition alive.

“We’ll continue doing this as long as we got support from the community,” said Karl.

The Marion Fair’s Haunted House is open every Friday and Saturday from 7 to 11 for the whole month of October.


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