Kalkaska’s Kampout for KAIR Drive Aims to Fill Semi-truck With Food

“They rely on local donations that’s pretty much how they fill their shelves.”

Donations are starting to come in for the 24 hour food drive, Kampout for KAIR in Kalkaska.

KAIR or Kalkaska Area Interfaith Resources provides emergency food needs and other services like utility shut off help.

And Bill Marsh helps stock their shelves with this annual food drive.

They already have a ton of donations.

Their goal?

To fill an entire semi-truck full of food and personal hygiene items by Saturday night at 5.

Local boy scouts and volunteers will be camping out the whole time accepting donations.

And local grocery stores are even staying open so you can donate to the cause.

Every item donated will help people in the Kalkaska community.

“This is the time of the year when it gets cold, when people need to buy heat and pay for additional items and so this is when local food pantries like KAIR get a lot of pressure on their supplies,” Bill Marsh said.

They’ve made it easy for you to donate.

To help out, click here.

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