Gaylord St. Mary’s Students Talk with ISS Astronauts

There were unique questions for astronauts on the international space station on Friday.

Students from St. Mary’s Cathedral School in Gaylord were able to answer about everything from research to what it’s like during a space walk.

“It is a serious thing, we get to go outside the space station, we put on the suits just like they do on the space ship, but I think everyone that’s done it its one of the most excellent and wonderful experiences of our lives and hopefully you get to do it some day because it’s really cool,” said astronauts Joe Acaba and Randy Bresnik.

The astronauts also talked about their responsibilities on board the space station.

“We have lots of jobs, science on board, prepare man, trash man and also here to show you what it’s  like to be in space. Ever since I was young I was reading about outter space and I’m lucky enough to be here today, ” said Acaba and Bresnik.

Students saw what kind of technology astronauts work with, and yes, that includes fidget spinners.

They also received motivating advise on what it takes to land one of the most rewarding jobs in the universe.

“I think a big part of studying space is challenging ourselves as humans, because we kind of have the earth down. We’ve been studying it for a while, but we really push ourselves and challenge ourselves when we go out into space and do missions like they’re doing right now,” said student Maggie Schultz.

“It kind of makes me want to dig deeper into my love for space and keep learning,” said Annalise Udell, a St. Mary’s student.

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