Abortion double-cross was beginning of end for congressman


PITTSBURGH (AP) — U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy counted on his anti-abortion record to help him get elected eight times, and it was his perceived betrayal of that record that ended his career this week.

For Murphy, everything fell apart when his hometown newspaper revealed that he had suggested a mistress get an abortion when they thought she might be pregnant. Two days later, Murphy informed House Speaker Paul Ryan and Gov. Tom Wolf that he would resign Oct. 21.

It was the perceived hypocrisy that most inflamed party officials, anti-abortion activists and voters from across the political spectrum.

One registered Democrat, Vinnie Richichi, says he’s crossed party lines to vote for Murphy in the past. But now he says he’s very disappointed. He says Murphy is just “another politician where what’s good for everyone else isn’t good enough for him.”

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