Mackinac Island Wraps Up Another Successful Season

The busy Mackinac Island tourism season is coming to an end.

Before it comes to an end, businesses on the island are still trying to lure visitors to the island.

In just three weeks hotels will have their last guests, the last ice cream will be sold, and the bikes will be put away until next year.

But those working on the island say there’s still time to come out and enjoy it all.

“Overall it’s been a fabulous summer,” said Melanie Libby, partner and manager for Bicycle Street Inn & Suites.

In just three weeks, another busy season for Mackinac Island will end.

“It’s been a good season,” said Jennifer Lohff, manager at Joann’s Fudge. “We had a slower, colder spring and so that made things a little bit slower in the beginning but then it really picked up and then it’s been a really beautiful fall.”

“The fall has been phenomenal,” said Libby. “The weather has been remarkable and I think everyone is out for that last dash of summer, so it’s been great.”

People from all over the world travel to the island to work, and they say they are enjoying the last few weeks before heading back.

“It’s actually my second season here so I could really see it was a much busier summer than the last one,” said Farruh Olimov, works at Mighty Mac Hamburgers and studies in Romania. “The island has students from all over the world like me; from Europe, from Asia so it’s really diversified culture, very international.”

No matter if you come in the spring, summer or fall you could see some changes but will still be able to enjoy the true island experience.

“We keep adding to the Mackinac experience while we preserve the charm of the bikes and the horses and I think that’s another unique part of the island is that it’s a real mix of tradition but all the new amenities,” said Libby.

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