Hook & Hunting: Hunters Score 74 Elk During Michigan Elk Hunt

Michigan’s first elk hunt period came to a close this week.

During the first season Michigan residents got the chance to hit the woods for this once in a lifetime hunt.

Only 100 licenses were given out, and hunters sometimes go decades without getting their names drawn for this opportunity.

This year 74 elk were taken, consisting of 30 bulls and 44 cows in all.

A 74 percent success rate is on par with the average for Michigan.

It is higher than most all other Michigan game hunts.

“Elk harvest has a high harvest percent because it’s such a limited amount of hunters. We can really work with hunters and help them harvest. It’s a lot different than the success rates we might see in bear, deer and turkey, which can be quite lower,” explained Katie Keen, DNR wildlife technician.

There are still two more hunt periods in December and January where hunters can get a shot at this big game trophy.

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