Friends, Fishermen Express Disbelief About Woman Found Dead in Van in Boardman River

It’s been two days since investigators pulled a van from the Boardman River, and discovered Morgan Elmer dead inside.

It all started with two observant anglers.

“I said, Uncle Matt there’s a van right there, and right away he was calling 911,” Holly Therrien said.

Therrien was wrapping up a morning of fishing with her uncle when they spotted a van.

“I saw the van and just thought what a crazy story for that person, I’m sure that they escaped because they weren’t in the front seat, but knowing that there was someone inside is heartbreaking,” Therrien said.

For friends of Morgan Elmer, it cuts much deeper.

“I was like no way, she’s 22. I hadn’t seen her in a while. The whole thing just doesn’t make sense,” Mindy Lewis said.

They say especially for someone as special as Morgan.

“She liked music, she was fun. She was really, really shy in the beginning, very timid. And after you get to know her she’s pretty funny and energetic, goofy which is what I liked about her the most,” Lewis said

They all hope that answers will come in the near future.

“I believe that everybody whose life that she impacted, her family especially, they all deserve answers. We all want answers; we want to know what happened,” Christian Gilbert said.

Traverse City police say keys were in the ignition and the van was put in park.

If you have any information on what may have happened to Morgan, police want to hear from you.

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