Manistee Catholic Central Put On Lockdown After Active Shooter Threat

Police surrounded Manistee Catholic Central as they were put on lockdown Wednesday morning.

Police say it all started with a text to a parent.

“It was something to the effect that there is a lockdown or an active shooter taking place at MCC,” Chief Tim Kozal, Manistee County Sheriff’s Office said.

That text came from an odd six digit computerized number and had police at the school within three minutes

“Have four officers go in made contact, the school did an excellent job they went into their lockdown for these type of events and then we swept the school which means we just went through every room, auditorium, cafeteria just make sure everybody is safe,” Kozal said.

Police say it was a hoax. And other schools nearby like Mason County Central and Muskegon Community College also received the same threat referencing MCC and went on lockdown.

A lockdown is something a parent never wants to hear.

“You think back to all of the Columbine and Sandy Hook where you see these parents and they can’t do anything. They don’t let you up here, they don’t let you in, so you’re just really relying on the school and our public safety to take care of our kids,” Samantha McLinden, MCC parent said.

McLinden is thankful the threat was taken seriously, but is shocked this is happening nationwide.

“My daughter wants me to pick her up from school now and wants to go home. She’s not comfortable, her friend won’t go into the bathroom alone wants someone to go with her, I mean it disrupts everything for kids,” McLinden said.

The Michigan State Police intelligence section is now investigating these statewide threats.