Man Accused of Recording Man Using Bathroom at Wexford County Rest Stop

A man is accused of recording another man using the bathroom at a Wexford County rest stop.

State police were able to arrest Joshua Anderson after they say he crashed into the victim’s car and sped off.

Troopers say it happened at a rest stop along U.S. 131 Tuesday night.

They say the victim saw Anderson in his car in the rest area parking lot.

When the victim called police Anderson drove off, but the man followed him.

It ended when Anderson realized he was being followed and made a quick turn, hitting the victim on M-115.

“Anywhere, somebody should be aware of your surroundings and in this situation he was. He did take appropriate action and saw this gentleman, and always just look, listen and keep an eye out wherever you are,” said Trooper Kathleen Wicker.

The victim hit in the crash was not hurt.

Anderson is charged with surveilling an unclothed person, assault with a dangerous weapon and other charges.

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