Local Gun Shops Explain Bump Stocks; Bill Introduced Could Ban Them

Federal investigators say that Stephen Paddock managed to alter his legally-bought guns.

He used bump stocks which are legal accessories that allowed his rifles to fire rapidly.

A new bill introduced by California Senator Dianne Feinstein could ban them.

“Bump stocks are a device that they use the recoil to prompt the shooter finger to repeatedly touch the trigger,” said Rodrigo Meirelles, president of Hampel’s Gun Company.

Right now bump stocks are a legal add on but a new bill would ban these devices that enable rapid firing.

“You cannot legislate evil, you cannot legislate stupid,” said Meirelles. “If it’s not through that device, someone will go back to mix fertilizer and diesel and then blow up something or get in a truck and drive over a crowd.”

Hampel’s Gun Company doesn’t sell these add-ons and whether banning them would prevent tragedy, is still the question.

“There are several other ways that people could attack a crowd,” said Meirelles. “Fire arms, automatic and non-automatic, vehicles, explosives, who knows, it’s unfortunate but that’s the reality.”

And regardless of the weapons used, Captain Clark from the Grand Traverse Sheriff’s Office says tragedies like what happened in Las Vegas, go into the planning for events here in Northern Michigan.

“We start planning the Cherry Festival well in advance, to the Cherry Festival, with all these other emergency responder partners,” said Captain Clark. “What occurred out there, obviously goes into our planning and how we can make sure that its safe for the people here in Northern Michigan at our events.”

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