Isabella Co. Crash Claims Life Of Young Girl, Sheriff Says Someone Ran Stop Light

“It takes its toll on everybody,” says Michael Main, Isabella County Sheriff. “We are all certainly feeling it now.”

The Isabella County Sheriff says someone drove through a stop light and two cars collided, killing a little girl in the crash that followed.

A third truck also was involved.

Deputies say the crash sent a mother and another woman to the hospital.

The mother’s four-year-old daughter was thrown from the vehicle and died at the scene.

It happened Wednesday afternoon at the intersection of M-20 and Winn Road, west of Mount Pleasant.

“One of the reason that light exists at this corner is we’ve had some very serious accidents over the years,” Main says. “In this case, somebody failed to yield the light and the accident occurred.”

There’s still many questions waiting to be answered in this crash.

The sheriff says the scene was a mangled mess.

“We had one female that was pinned in a vehicle in critical condition. We had another female who was less critical,” Main says. “We had two helicopters also land at the scene.”

The sheriff says it took a devastating turn.

“We had a four-year-old child who was ejected out of the car,” Main says. “Unfortunately, the efforts to save the four-year-old girl did not happen.”

The girl died at the scene, and her mom is in critical condition.

Another woman’s jeep rolled off the road.

She suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

A man in a pickup couldn’t avoid it and also crashed, but wasn’t hurt.

The sheriff says it’s unclear who ran the light.

“We are doing an accident investigation, trying to determine all of what happened,” Main says. “It certainly appears from what we have gotten from eye witnesses and so forth that one of the vehicles ran the red light.”

Longtime neighbors to this intersection like Tracey Sandel say before the light was there, accidents were frequent.

Since then, emergency responders say it’s gotten better until this.

“It used to be very scary when there wasn’t a light there,” Sandel says.

Tracey has lived yards from the intersection for 20 years.

“There were a lot of accidents,” Sandel says. “I remember always trying to come home from work and I couldn’t because they had the roads blocked off.”

The investigation continues.

“Very devastating,” Sandel says. “Just always keep an eye out.”

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