8 Grand Traverse Co. Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Shut Down After Investigation

Officers searched and shut down eight medical marijuana dispensaries across Grand Traverse County.

At 4:30 Wednesday afternoon TNT, state police, the sheriff’s office and Traverse City police held a press conference explaining an investigation going on for months.

With the help of undercover officers, the agencies say eight facilities were operating in violation of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act by selling marijuana to people who weren’t patients.

Edibles, waxes, plants and money were seized from the dispensaries.

Police say this is not about taking medicine away from patients, but about the law.

“Anyone operating in those guidelines of the law is perfectly fine. They can obey the law, that’s no problem at all. When someone steps outside the guidelines and operates in violation of Michigan law, that’s where the accountability comes in,” Lt. Josh Lator, Michigan State Police said.

On 9&10 News at 11, hear from a medical marijuana patient about the searches they witnessed, and how they feel about what’s going on.

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