Traverse City Police Investigating After Finding Woman’s Body Inside Van Submerged in River

A woman’s body was found inside a van underwater in the Boardman River.

Now there’s an investigation into how she got there.

The Traverse City Police Department says the body of Morgan Victoria Fawn Elmer was taken to Munson, and will undergo an autopsy in Kalamazoo.

Police are collecting evidence from the van.

The Traverse City Police Department identified the woman found dead Tuesday morning as 22-year-old Morgan Elmer from Traverse City.

They are still investigating how the van she was in ended up in the Boardman River.

“This is an unusual call for us, it’s not something that we deal with every day,” said Traverse City Police Chief Jeff O’Brien.

The call came in around 10 a.m. Tuesday from a fisherman docking his boat on the Boardman River.

“He saw a van, the roof of the van, in the river, he called us, we went down, we called the dive team through the sheriff’s department and we were able to pull the van out,” explained Chief O’Brien.

Businesses nearby tell us they watched the scene unfold.

“When we saw the number of emergency personnel we got a little concerned that maybe there was somebody in the car,” said Mark Humitz, Cornwell Architects president.

The Traverse City Police Department tells us the keys were in the ignition and the van was in park.

The van was about 15 feet underwater and 20 feet away from the boat launch.

“It kept our attention on the river, hard to get work done, concerned about the family of the victim,” said Mark.  “Just a real shocking morning.”

We tracked down the van’s registration, and it came back to a man in Central Lake.

It’s not clear whether police are looking into his role in this incident.