Northern Michigan Hotels Discuss Safety Following Las Vegas Shooting

Hotels across the country, including here in northern Michigan, are looking at what they can do following the shooting in Las Vegas.

The manager at the All Seasons Hotel and Resort in Kalkaska says they make sure their staff knows to speak up if they notice something that doesn’t seem right with a guest.

He said after 24 hours of a do-not-disturb sign being on the door, they’ll try to get in touch with the guest.

He told us keeping a watchful eye on guests can be a challenge, especially for larger hotels like the ones in Las Vegas.

That’s why he encourages his housekeeping staff to also be on the lookout.

“The housekeeping staff needs to be very aware because they are the ones in that room, so they are going down the corridors, they are going to make more contact with the guest than the front desk,” said General Manager Tim Ellis.

Ellis also noted the importance of double checking ID’s when guests check in.