Great Lakes Equestrian Festival Has More Than $124 Million Impact on Economy

Another year of the Great Lakes Equestrian Festival has come and gone, and the economic impact of this year’s festival is more than $124 million.

It’s an annual event held in Grand Traverse County that showcases some of the world’s finest riders and horses.

This year 37 states and 13 countries were represented.

“We’re all benefiting from their involvement in our region. Economically, clearly, a huge impact. We’ve seen it growing over time so it’s a big part of the culture here, it’s a big part of the economy and we’re very lucky to have Great Lakes Equestrian Festival here in Traverse City,” Trevor Tkach, president and CEO, Traverse City Tourism said.

The plans for future years continue to grow, including hosting outdoor events and host championships, bringing an even larger boost to the community.