Grand Traverse Co. Deputy Speaks on How To Prepare for Acts of Gun Violence

At Boyne Mountain, emergency personnel from all over the state are meeting to discuss a number of topics, including massive acts of gun violence.

“You’re sitting in your cubicle and someone comes in and starts shooting, where are you going to go? What are you going to do,” Grand Traverse County Deputy Chris Halleck, asked the crowd.

It’s not something you imagine happening.

With mass shootings seemingly more common, it’s something Grand Traverse County deputies say you need to be prepared for.

“Northern Michigan it is very safe up here, we like to think these things won’t happen but in reality it can happen anywhere,” Deputy Halleck, said.

Deputy Chris Halleck says if you ever face a gunman, to run, hide, or fight, but more importantly, always be aware of your surroundings.

“A little bit of preplanning, a little change in mindset, a little bit of survival mentality will go a long way in something like this. I think they will act quicker, they will be more decisive and they might save their own life or someone else’s,” Deputy Halleck, explained.

With attacks like the one in Las Vegas, the way we prepare for violence is always changing.

“We have to change the presentation because there’s different forms of attack, different styles, they use, different methods. We teach the mindset we teach to be aware of your surroundings, we don’t want them to walk around scared, in their life but we want them to be aware that these things happen and could happen where you’re at,” Halleck, added.

Emergency personnel in Michigan hope presentations like this help them to respond to, if not prevent any attack.

“With the amount of events, open venues, but it does lend urgency and credence to what we try and do here, we try and learn as much as we can so that we can plan in our communities to respond to any event,” MEMA President-elect Gregg Bird, said.