Couple Gets Married At Art Van Furniture in Mount Pleasant

For two love birds, Art Van Furniture in Mount Pleasant holds a special place in their hearts and Sunday they brought their story full circle.

“Art Van has given me everything I’ve ever dreamed of with income, family and now my bride,” says groom Nicholas Myers.

Nicholas and Trish Myers’ Art Van Furniture fairytale began November 2016.

Trish says, “We met working at Art Van, I needed something off of his floor for one of my guests.”

Her husband cuts in and says, “I work at another location.”

Trish continues, “So I called over to the store and asked if I could get it and met up with Nick at a coffee shop and exchanged the lamp.”

They coined themselves the Art Van couple.

The idea of a wedding at the Mount Pleasant location started as a joke but then turned into the perfect idea. A ceremony complete with one of the owners presiding.

Trish says, “I went up to my owner and sat him down in the office and I said well I don’t know if this is a shot in the dark, but I just need to ask you something and he said ‘Yea what?’ And I said is there any way I can have a wedding in the building? “

Owner Taylor Lee says, “When they asked me I thought they were kind of joking, but they were serious and as soon as I thought they were serious we had to make this happen.”

That’s exactly what the Art Van team did.

Lee explains, “Everybody in Art Van took part in making this wedding happen. Our visual merchandiser came in and volunteered her own time to make this whole thing phenomenal, moved the whole store around to make sure they had their own isle she could walk down.”

It’s a happily ever after ending to this couple’s furniture store fairytale.

“It was beautiful loved it, casual people sitting everywhere it’s just wonderful,” the couple says.