Manistee Native Celebrates SEAL Team Premiere With Hometown

“It’s not just a small town girl made big, it’s a small town girl that loves her town.”

A Manistee native is back in Northern Michigan debuting her role in a network TV show.

Toni Trucks grew up in Manistee and stars in a show that premiered Wednesday night on CBS. It’s called SEAL Team.

Toni was in Manistee for the premiere, which was sold out at the Vogue Theatre in downtown Manistee

“It warms my heart; I love coming home,” Trucks said.

Toni Trucks grew up in Manistee and takes a starring role as special logistics coordinator Lisa Davis

“Really the heart of the show is about the people that are involved and it’s really more of a workplace drama. I think it’s about how those lives intersect with the people that have this sort of impossible unpredictable job,” Trucks said.

Two theaters sold out in a little more than a day and members of the Coast Guard were in attendance as VIPs.

And a special message from the cast and crew of SEAL Team

A sign of just what Toni and this night means to Manistee.

“It has been just like a wedding because you have to wait until the last minute until the bride walks out and tonight the bride hits the stage,” Julia Cook, Vogue Theatre Board of Directors said.

“We are so excited to have her here, very honored that she would want to come back and share this with us. We watched her in everything she’s been in and I’m so excited for Toni, so excited,” Sherri Wehrmeister said.

And Toni says the show carries a message many in her hometown can relate to

“It’s so exciting to debut a show that can really directly impact and have people in my hometown empathize with. They will hopefully be able to see themselves in these stories in a very personal level,” Trucks said.

The debut also raised money for the Wounded Warrior Foundation, a cause the Vogue Theatre will keep raising money for throughout the weekend.