Hook and Hunting: Bow Hunting Season

This Sunday is opening day for bow hunters.

And many archers are putting in the final preps for the season.

Before they head out it’s important for hunters of all ages to check their bows after the long offseason.

They should make sure their strings and cables are ready for hunting.

The bows could have rotted while in storage during the off-season, which could result in the bow hurting you.

The DNR says you should always know the rules of bow hunting before you head out.

“If for some reason you can’t count points, don’t take the shot. Archery season is not that big of an issue as it is with firearm season where somebody might be taking a longer shot. Just be sure of those points, that is the regulation,” Katie Keen, wildlife communication coordinator, DNR said.

Archery season goes until November 14, then starts again December 1 through January 1.

Hunters are hoping this year’s deer hunting season will rebound after dealing with a subpar season last year.



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