Northern Michigan Helping Out In Puerto Rico Following Hurricane Maria

The Salvation Army says that this is one of the worst hurricane seasons in a decade but that hasn’t stopped an outpouring of support and help from across the country.

“It’s been truly a heartwarming experience to see the outpouring of support from Northern Michigan,” said Ruth Blick, director of community resource development for the Salvation Army.

No matter how far away disasters hit, people from all over step up to help and do what they can.

“Its hard work, its long hours but the people you take care of are in worse shape than you are,” said Dan Cummings. “I have a home to go to and I have food to eat, water to drink and they don’t.”

Dan Cummings is now on his 31st deployment with the American Red Cross.

Right now, he is in Atlanta with another volunteer from Northern Michigan, trying to fly out to Puerto Rico.

“Puerto Rico has no power so the airport is kind of at a limited access, you can’t fly in at night or nothing so it’s very limited amount of flights in and out,” said Cummings.

He just got back from helping down in Dallas two weeks ago but is ready to spend another three weeks lending a hand.

Even though no one from the local Salvation Army has been called down to help, they’re ready to leave at a moment’s notice.

“We have had such an outpouring of support from individuals in Northern Michigan who have helped support the Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services throughout the whole hurricane season that has come on so far,” said Blick.

A difficult time for everyone involved but when these communities are made whole again by caring strangers, the work is its own reward.

“I’m helping, we’re volunteers we don’t get paid but we get paid by smiles and thank you’s,” said Cummings.

Click here for more information on the American Red Cross and here for the Salvation Army.

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