Mackinac Island: Fifth Most Violent City in Michigan?

One of Northern Michigan’s most beloved vacation spots is statistically one of Michigan’s most violent cities.

According to 2016 crime data compiled by the FBI, Mackinac Island has the fifth highest violent crime rate in the state.

Obviously those stats paint an inaccurate picture.

For lifelong island residents crime has never been a concern.

“Never even thought about it,” Bob Carr, said.

Police here, say the violent crime rate is measured per capita, only taking into account a sliver of the actual everyday population.

“It recorded 480 to 500 island residents. To take these statistics and only use 500, it’s absurd,” Mackinac Island Police Chief Brett Riccinto, said.

Six assaults were reported on the island in 2016, most of those during the summer when the island hosts more than 15,000 people per day.

“Mackinac County only has 12,000 people, we’re bigger than the whole county, all concentrated in 3.5 square miles. Assaults, just cause of the bars, people have arguments. There hasn’t been a murder since the ‘60s,” Chief Riccinto, added.

The most common crime on the island is far from violent.

“I suppose the biggest thing is not stealing of bicycles but borrowing of bicycles, and that happens on occasion, your bike will be at one end of town and you find it at the other, I think it’s happened to me once,” Bob Carr, explained.

“I had my bike stolen found it in the Grand Hotel parking lot because no one wanted to further push it up the hill than that. That’s kind of the worse that I had happen, Vacationer Thom Hadfield, said.

“By no means should anyone be alarmed coming to Mackinac Island. I think we are probably one of the safest places in the state,” Chief Riccinto, said.

On the FBI’s website they say, “comparisons of crime among different locales should take into consideration numerous other factors besides the areas’ crime statistics.”

Factors, like a spike in vacationers.