Wexford Co. Village Receives Generous Gift From Lifelong Residents

“It was a wonderful legacy. Their names will be remembered forever.”

A generous gift for a village’s community was left behind from a couple who lived their entire lives there.

Its purpose: bring life back into Harrieta.

The Village of Harrieta received tens of thousands of dollars from two lifelong residents of the Wexford County community.

The village treasurer says after Steve and Maxine Lazar’s passing they have since left money in their name.

The village received more than $79,000, the Slagle-Harrieta Fire Department got about $39,000 and purchased two new trucks and gear with the money.

An identical amount went to the Harrieta Ladies Civic Club, they used the money to beautify the village with flowers, flags and new signs.

“It was a dying community,” says Carol Haase, village treasurer. “It was looking pretty shabby, pretty bad, pretty sad and it’s just taken off and it’s just blossoming, to pun our beautiful flowers that we’ve planted throughout the village. It’s a life-saver.”

The fire department is focusing on finishing repairs to their roof.