Volunteers From ‘Michigan Cares For Tourism’ Spruce Up Roscommon

A statewide clean-up effort is making its way to Northern Michigan this week.

More than 150 volunteers from all over the state are in Roscommon as part of an effort called Michigan Cares for Tourism.

They’re working on improvements to state property, including the Ralph A. MacMullan center and the Civilian Conservation Corps museum.

Volunteers painted buildings, built picnic tables, removed invasive species and much more.

“Sometimes maintenance projects get a little bit put to the backburner, so this allows some of those projects that need to get done, that weren’t able to get done in the youth season, to get done at this time,” said North Higgins Lake State Park unit manager, Josh Pellow. “This is a historical area, so these buildings are open to the public, and so keeping them maintained will help preserve and protect them. Keep them for future generations to come.”

For more information on Michigan Cares for Tourism, click here.

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