Camp Grayling Opens Floor To Questions At Third Groundwater Testing Town Hall

Water testing continues as the Grayling community anxiously awaits for clues behind a chemical contamination of their drinking water.

Water tests in and around Camp Grayling in Crawford County showed traces of concerning chemicals back in May.

As of July, of the 178 wells tested, 20 had low levels of Perfluorinated chemicals, or PFC’s, three had higher levels than the EPA Lifetime Health Advisory.

Tuesday night, the Michigan Army National Guard held a third town hall meeting, updating the public with new results and their latest findings.

Concerned homeowners packed Camp Grayling’s Building Three once again, wanting answers about their tainted water.

“Has Camp Grayling, right here, been tested?” asked one homeowner. “And the quality of Lake Margarethe, is that something that has been done?”

“Is there a schedule on this you will continue sampling so that we can get an idea of pace of movement?” asked another.

Officials say they are still searching for a source.

The lake has not been tested yet while the base has.

The National Guard was joined with members of DEQ, Health Department District 10, DHHS and more — each explaining what they’ve done so far.

“We’ve done a tremendous amount of testing,” said Maj. Gen. Greg Vadnais. “We’ve tested a little under 200 residential homes and we’ve done additional testing on the installation.”

“There are four residential wells that tested above the EPA Lifetime Health Advisory, but there are as many as 83 total that had detections.”

This is more than what was found two months ago.

DEQ geologist Dave Lindsay says that’s the result of several rounds of sampling and re-sampling residential wells for PFC’s, chemicals that have been linked to thyroid, liver and kidney issues.

“This will take a long time,” Lindsay says. “The Department of Environmental Quality is able to take action right now, and that’s why we are stepping up to do the off-the-airfield work to expedite things.”

The agencies plan to keep testing while water filters are being encouraged for the homes with high levels.

Another town hall will take place later this fall or early winter.

“We are collaborating, both with our federal partners and our state partners and our community,” Maj. Gen. Vadnais says.