Grand Traverse Area Catholic Schools’ Jean Day Fundraiser Benefits Houston Catholic Schools

Hurricane Harvey damage isn’t limited to homes. Schools are closed in Houston because of the destruction and students in Northern Michigan are trying to change that.

The elementary kids at Immaculate Conception School kids may be young, but they’re definitely aware and ready to learn more of the nightmare Hurricane Harvey has created in Houston.

Fifth grader Zac Taylor says, “I feel scared and sad, wondering if they’re OK. You wonder if the people down there are okay because they’re trying to rebuild their lives after this. It’s very hard to go through that and just like that everything is gone.”

Amelia Ackerson, another fifth grader says, “It would be really hard because like what if our house was damaged what if we didn’t have places to stay anymore it’d be hard.”

To help the multiple schools that make up Grand Traverse Area Catholic Schools dedicated their jean day to help catholic schools impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

Students donate at least one dollar to wear jeans instead of their uniform.

Ackerson says, “I feel very good about it because it means we’re helping those kids, we don’t know them and they don’t know us but we’re still helping them.”

Taylor says, “I’m hoping we can rebuild their schools, get a good education and learn what they need to and learn for their life.”

The day is raising money and teaching a valuable lesson.

Associate pastor at the Immaculate Conception Church, Father Chris Jarvis says, “It’s just encouraging to me to see young kids on fire to help other people and to know so much about helping other people.”

Results aren’t in but Immaculate Conception Elementary School says the area jean day fundraisers usually average around $1,200.