Suttons Bay Virtual School Sees Growth, Success After 2016-2017 School Year Changes

For years, Suttons Bay Virtual School has been teaching kids online, but with some recent changes it’s going beyond a computer screen.

The last couple years, only about 10 students were graduating from the tuition free K-12 public virtual school.

This past school year, all 26 seniors graduated and enrollment is growing.

For students from Ludington all the way to the bridge, the reasons they’re in Suttons Bay Virtual School can vary, but it’s all about convenience.

Luke Lambdin, a 2017 graduate, says, “There’s a lot of distractions in a classroom environment and some people just don’t gel in that kind of environment well. I wanted to get out in the world and wanted to prepare myself for the real world.”

Adam Couturier, an English and History teacher for the virtual school says, “Some of them might have had a medical reason that they stopped going to a traditional school and then they got behind. I just talked to a student the other day who didn’t want to go back as a freshman when she is 17 years old.”

In the past, Suttons Bay teachers were working full time in classrooms and their extra time was for the virtual school, but now that’s changed.

Couturier explains, “Last year we started to have full-time dedicated teachers for our virtual program and I think that’s what we’re seeing pay off right now with our graduation rate at 100 percent and people signing up even more. We’re often out in libraries or coffee shops or even at their home to do home visits.”

The changes are giving teachers a chance to develop relationships with their students.

Lambdin says, “The software is really easy to use and great, but what really makes it is the personalized touch of the teachers.”

“I love doing this particular job because I really believe in it because we’re making a difference in students’, people’s lives,” says Couturier.

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