Wexford-Missaukee CTC Breaks Ground on Student Built House

Students at the Wexford-Missaukee Career Tech Center will soon build a house from the ground up.

Wednesday, they broke ground on the project.

An empty plot of land near Cadillac will be transformed into a home over the next two years.

Students handle every aspect that goes into building the home under the guidance of their instructor.

They say it’s a great opportunity to learn skills that will benefit them no matter their career.

“Last year I mainly learned about doing the siding, and more of the structures on how to build the walls, and the siding, the roofing, and a lot of the insulation and obviously painting. I like this program a lot because it’s teaching me how a house it structured and built,” said student Samatha Carrancho

This is the second home students from the Career Tech Center will have built.

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