Lake County Levys Taxes For Four Millages

In Lake County, there’s a surplus of money taxpayers paid for ambulance, road patrol, 911 services and senior services.

Wednesday, the county decided to lower the amount taxpayers pay for all of that in the future.

Services like road patrols have more than $2 million in their fund.

Commissioners say that’s more than enough, so they’re rolling back millages.

“They didn’t rollback those millage’s to use up all the fund balances, but they rolled back a little bit, that we can do a multiyear plan to smooth these. Some of these don’t need to be at the level they are at,” says Tobi Lake, county administrator

Balances built up for road patrol, ambulance, seniors and 911.

Commissioners say there’s more than enough.

“There is a win win here. There is money to set aside for the county’s employment benefits, not pensions, retiree health insurance, there’s money to enhance services and there’s money to do a rollback like the board did today,” says Lake.

Under the plan, each taxpayer will save roughly $105 a year.

The road patrol millage will go from three mils to 2.5 mils. But the sheriff says that extra money is needed.

“We want to put two more road patrol officers on because I think right now we’re shorthanded. But the thing is if I put on two more road officers, we need to be able to pay them. We have this fund balance and we’re starting to pay it beyond the years that it’s spent, we need to still be able to fill those positions,” says Sheriff Richard Martin, Lake County.

But some taxpayers say they like the new plan.

“It’s looks like plenty of money in the budget  and I think if there is some extra money left, let’s give some back to the people that are struggling to pay the taxes,” says Jerome Miller, Baldwin resident.

The board will reevaluate the decision next year.