Bill Schuette Visits Northern Michigan as Gubernatorial Candidate

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette made a stop in Northern Michigan Wednesday, fresh off his announcement that he’s running for governor.

In his race to become our state’s 49th governor, two of the biggest issues for Bill Schuette lie in the Straits of Mackinac and directly to the north; what to do about Line Five, and securing funding for a new Soo Lock.

“We need to see what the options are beyond Line 5. We need to have a pipeline advisory and authority board to deal with these issues. I want the Army Corp of Engineers and Congress to appropriate the funding to rebuild the Soo Locks and the entire infrastructure of Michigan,” said Schuette.

Despite leading investigations into the Flint water crisis and Detroit Public School failings, the shortcomings of the Snyder administration will likely follow him to the campaign trail.

“In terms of the Flint water crisis, I’m just doing my job, I have an oath to enforce the law. I terminated the taxpayer funded pensions of 13 corrupt Detroit principals who stole millions from children.  Those are the important issues going forward and I have an independent office,” said Schuette.

He says his ultimate goal is to transform Michigan into a state, capable of competing nationally.

“Our state needs to grow, we need to have more people in our state because our growth isn’t keeping up with the Texas’ and the Carolina’s and the Utah’s,” noted Schuette.

Possible Democratic opponent Gretchen Whitmer, released a statement saying in part quote “Bill Schuette has put special interest and his own political gain ahead of people’s lives”

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