Midland Co. Republican Party Witnesses Michigan Attorney General’s Bid For Governor

“I’m running for governor because it is time for Michigan to lead the world again,” said Bill Schuette inside the Midland County Fair Center on Tuesday night.

And with that, the Michigan Attorney General made it official.

He’s now in the running to become the state’s next governor.

That was the expectation here, revealed further by signs reading “Bill Schuette for Governor” outside of the building hours before he arrived.

Schuette made the announcement after he took the stage at a Republican Party Barbeque at the Midland County Fair.

He announced his bid to be the Republican front-runner in the race to Lansing.

“One more time, with feeling,” Schuette said, holding up a shoe with a capital “T” written in bold print on top. “I’m Bill Shoe-T, and we are still on duty.”

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette returned his hometown of Midland on the night of Tuesday, Sept. 12, with a mix of humor and seriousness, along with a big announcement.

“We are Michigan,” Schuette said. “We are going to start winning again and that is why I’m announcing my campaign and candidacy for governor of the state of Michigan.”

Schuette introduced a wide-ranging focus, starting and ending with creating Michigan jobs and increasing wages.

He also discussed putting students first, looking into appropriate school funding, and helping balance things out for college students.

“I will be the governor, the jobs governor, who cuts taxes and gives Michigan families a pay raise,” Schuette said.

Schuette made a Republican pledge to repeal and replace Obamacare, referring to his past work.

“I sued the Obama administration in his attempt to end-run the Congress on energy regulations and Michigan won,” Schuette said.

On the Democratic side, one of his opponents, Gretchen Whitmer, responded, saying in-part “Schuette has put special interests and his own political gain ahead of peoples’ lives.”

The Midland County Republican Party chair says his campaign is what the party hoped for.

“So many of us had always hoped for this night and now it’s really here,” said Cathy Leikhim, chair.

Schuette says the goal: put Michigan back on the map.

“For us to reach higher, we better have someone with the experience, skill set, passion and motivation to get the job done,” Schuette said.