Art of Aging: Technology & Communication

When we get older, loneliness can become a huge problem for us.

With technology ever changing it can be hard to communicate well with distant family and friends.

In this month’s Art of Aging, we take a look at an easy device that your elders can use to keep in touch.

Russ & Leslie Knopp have more on how to stay healthy while aging.

As we age there is no better place than Northern Michigan to enjoy an active healthy lifestyle.

This month, we are at the village of bay ridge to understand the importance of staying in touch with your family and friends.

We know that loneliness and isolation increase the risk of high blood pressure, depression and even the ability to think clearly, so staying in touch with the people we care about is important.

Busy lives can make getting together difficult and communicating across generations also creates challenges.

Many of the technologies in use today just weren’t designed for older adults and that can cause a lot of frustration.

One solutions we are excited about is the granPad; it’s an easy to use tablet that keeps being connected effortless, fun and secure.

Video chatting, sending emails and sharing photographs is as easy as the push of a button.

Another solution is to schedule regular phone calls.

Our loved ones know they can count on us, they look forward to the conversations and that has a positive impact on overall health.

Using the U.S. Postal Service is very much appreciated by the generations that grew up writing letters.

Try printing photographs and send them to your far away parents and grandparents as you will both enjoy talking about them on the phone.

Put some thought into what kind of communication plan will work for you and your family as it’s proven to have a big impact on staying happy and healthy.

If you would like to learn more about communication and aging from Comfort Keepers, click here.

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