Mackinac Island Fire Dept. Hosts 9/11 Remembrance Climb

There was a special tribute Sunday on Mackinac Island to firemen who died on September 11th.

The tribute centered around 14 trips on 142 steps, most done in full firefighter gear.

The Mackinac Island Fire Department held its second 9/11 remembrance climb Sunday morning at Fort Holmes.

Fifteen firemen from Grand Rapids, St. Ignace, and Mackinac Island took part.

Fire chief Jason St. Onge knew one of the firemen who died on September 11th.

He came up with the idea last year to remind everyone the challenges the rescue workers had that day.

“You know, when you start to get tired, and you want to take a break, you think about those guys. They didn’t have the opportunity for a break, not even a bottle of water.  We are going to have water everywhere, we are going to have our friends and family.  You can’t help but think about them and try to get a few more trips out of it,” said St. Onge.

St. Onge says all firemen made the 14 trips up, matching the number of steps in the World Trade Center.

The climb raised more than $2,500 for hurricane relief.