Cadillac Man’s Dying Wish: Stuff Semi With Donations For Needy

“He was a special guy wanting things for special people.”

A Cadillac man’s dying wish: help keep people from going hungry, using a semi-truck to do it.

If you drive through downtown Cadillac and pass Family Fare on Mitchell St. this weekend, you might see A large semi-truck out front with words etched on the side, “Stuff the Bus,” but the word “Bus” is crossed out with “Semi” written beside it.

It’s all part of a bigger dream that involves a dying man’s last wish to help the poor before he passed away.

“The whole idea was to make sure that nobody went hungry,” says Cathy Daily. That man is her late-husband, Carl Daily.

Cathy Daily keeps a photo of Carl close to her wherever she goes.

His dream started with her own.

“I had a dream and it was God saying feed my sheep,” Daily says. “I thought it was just a dream. And then the next thing I knew, the next night, feed my sheep. I says well, do you think you can get the Lions to help? He says I’m sure I can.”

A dedicated Lion’s Club member for more than a decade, Carl started a “Stuff the Bus” program to battle hunger, while fighting a 15-year personal war against cancer.

“As he was dying, his last three weeks were his hardest weeks and he kept trying to get up to go and stuff a bus,” Daily says. “Only he says we aren’t going to have enough room, if we only stuff a bus. We’re going to have to do bigger and better this year.”

…A big rig, to be exact, donated to them by her daughter’s boyfriend’s company, Van’s International.

“We’re pretty sure Carl would be pretty happy about that, if we can do it,” Daily says.

The semi-trailer had a lot of space left to go on Friday.

It’s open again Saturday.

Carl’s list consists of everything from pastas, mac & cheese, cereal…you name it.

It can all be going to a good cause.

“Carl leaned on us to volunteer,” says Chuck Skully, who served as a Lion alongside Carl.

Donations began to flow in shortly after the trailer moved to the parking lot, including cash.

Chuck Skully, a Lion for 47 years, stood by to help.

“Stuff the Semi is probably four times bigger so he had an ambitious type of an aspect to it,” Skully says. “We give our things to the Revival Center of Cadillac and the King’s Table. He believed in those two methods of getting food out to the needy.”

The truck will be there until 4 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 9.

Cathy and the Lions will keep loading semis, thinking of the man behind the mission.

“I’m sure that we will do this in Carl’s honor in the future,” Skully says.

“It looks like God is smiling down and telling him he can have his dream come true,” Daily says.