Traverse City Light & Power Sends Crew To Florida For Hurricane Irma

While we don’t know how much damage will happen in Florida quite yet power companies are trying to be proactive.

A Traverse City Light and Power crew will head to Florida to help with Hurricane Irma power restoration.

They’ll meet up with an Escanaba crew and a Lowell crew, then head to Fort Pierce, Florida.

They’ll help local Florida crews put up new poles, and fix downed power lines. It’s the best way they know how to help.

Kelli Schroeder, the human resource and communications manager Traverse City Light and Power says, “These linemen, they’re a family. It doesn’t matter where they are in the country they’re ready to go help, respond and bring these communities back up they would do the same for us.”

The crew leaves Saturday and could be down south for several weeks.