People Trying to Escape Hurricane Irma Struggle to Find Flights

Many people trying to escape Hurricane Irma’s path are having a hard time finding a way out.

Airlines have cancelled more than 1,800 flights in and out of Florida and the Caribbean.

On Twitter, a woman says a flight from Miami to Phoenix jumped from more than $500 to more than $3,200 when she tried to book on a travel website.

She later tweeted that Delta resolved the issue with a more reasonable fare.

Another posted a flight search showing fares of more than a thousand dollars from south Florida to New York.

While prices increased as passengers rushed to book flights, airlines say they didn’t change their fare structure.

They explained that the cost of a seat increases as flights fill up and last minute tickets tend to cost more.

The Department of Transportation has received some complaints about airfares and says it will look into that.

Hurricane Irma has not impacted flights going in and out of Traverse City’s Cherry Capital Airport.

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