Former Cadillac Police Chief Todd Golnick Prepares For Hurricane Irma

The former Cadillac Police Chief is in southern Florida right now, in the path of Hurricane Irma.

“The nice thing about hurricanes is you can see we have almost a weeks’ notice that this was coming,” said Todd Golnick.

Former Cadillac Police Chief, Todd Golnick, just retired and is now in Florida.

“We’re down in Collier County and this kind of was, when they started forecasting this storm, this was going to be ground zero,” said Golnick.

He has been keeping a close eye on the forecast that keeps changing, even helping out friends and family with property in Florida as the storm approaches.

“I’ve been to some of their homes and helped make sure that they’re storm ready and then we have other family that we’ve been out getting shutters up for them and making sure that they’re ready for the storm,” said Golnick.

Golnick starts a new job with Collier County in October in the Domestic Animal Service Division, planning for emergencies like Irma.

“I’ve been able to get to know my team a little bit that I’m going to be working with and get acclimated to them and what’s going to happen with the storm,” said Golnick.

He’s been going to briefings and he says he’s done what he can to help ahead of the storm but he plans to return to Northern Michigan Friday before it hits.

“My wife’s company is sending a specific flight into Miami that’s to get the airline employees and their family members out so I’m going to be getting out on that tomorrow,” said Golnick. “I just need to get to Miami tomorrow which is a little scary because that’s looking like it’s going to be ground zero.”