Many Protest In Traverse City For DACA, Others Believe Trump Is Fulfilling His Promise


A group of people in Northern Michigan took to the streets in Traverse City Wednesday for a “Defend DACA Rally”.

The protest comes after President Trump’s announced he’ll let the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program expire.

Protesters believe the decision harms people who didn’t have a choice about entering the U.S. illegally.

After the decision to phase out the DACA program, people took to the streets of Traverse City with signs, banners and flags in support of the so-called Dreamers.

“We felt that we needed to get out there and let our voices be heard and support those who might be affected by this horrible decision,” said Phoebe Hopps, president and founder of Women’s March Michigan.

They are upset over the announcement by President Trump.

“Blaming our problems on immigrants is ridiculous,” said protester Betsy Sortor. “They are not the source of our problems, they’re the source of our success.”

Others believe the President is fulfilling a promise.

“If it’s illegal, it’s illegal, so I don’t necessarily have a problem with the decision Trump made, it’s a promise that he made when he was campaigning and he’s holding up to that promise,” said Steve Yoder, vice chair of the Leelanau County Republican Party.

But the concern of those protesting is the impact it could have on nearly 800,000 people who’ve grown up in America.

“Many people on this list are not criminals,” said Hopps. “There’s thorough background checks, they need to be attending school, have jobs, and be members of society. This is the cream of the crop of America and it’s very sad that we would deport these people.”

“Obviously with anything there’s going to be somebody out their using it or somebody’s going to be hurt or not with the program but I see it as a step in the right direction,” said Yoder.

Congress still could still approve a new version of the Dream Act for those losing DACA protections.