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Faulty Fire Alarm System Keeps Atlanta Community Schools Closed

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It should be full of kids but on the second day of school there are empty hallways and construction workers at Atlanta Community Schools.

The school year kicked off on Tuesday but students were told to stay at home on Wednesday and again on Thursday.

There are problems with renovations to the school.

“In the interest of safety of the schoolchildren it’s not worth it. Until we have that fire alarm system fully operational we will not have school,” Superintendent Carl Seiter, said.

A faulty fire alarm system is keeping Atlanta students at home. The K-12 facility is being renovated, essential parts of the project are still not done.

“The construction progress naturally is not what we had hoped it would be, which led us to deadlines right up to the start of school,” Superintendent Seiter, said.

They started the year as planned.

“First day was awesome kids were excited, I was excited. The issue is we started school with regard to us being able to walk a fire-watch so to speak and that was expecting the system to be fully operational at the end of the day,” Superintendent Seiter, explained.

The fire alarm is still not-functioning and a closure so early in the year, is frustrating for some parents.

“All summer they’ve been working on the school so I’d figured they would have it done by now at least,” Shannon Campbell, said.

Shannon Campbell says she had to bring all three of her kids to work with her today.

“I work a few days a week, so if I do and they don’t have school I just have to get a babysitter. I don’t do last minute real good, but if I have to than I have to,” Campbell, said.

The school says they understand the inconvenience but the decision was made for the safety of students.

“It’s not worth risking one child’s life over a day of school, so in the interest of safety we will not open until the system is fully operational,” Superintendent Seiter, said.

School will be closed again on Thursday.

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