Mackinac Bridge Closure Unexpected For Out of State Travelers

As expected, thousands of holiday travelers were delayed by the morning closure on the Mackinac Bridge.

But how about just missing the cut off time to cross?

Four men, in two cars, traveling from northern Wisconsin back to Maryland decided to take the northern route through the U.P. instead of the southern route through Chicago.

They took that southern route from Maryland to Wisconsin last week.

It was not until they were in Marquette when they saw the road side sign about the bridge being closed from 6:30 to noon.

“When we saw the first sign, for the Mackinac closure, we tried to beat it, but chance had it, we didn’t  make it. Me? I just don’t care. It is what it is,” John Rivera said.

Rivera said he and his friends tried to be the first in line to get across the bridge when it reopened.