Central Michigan Alumnus Shares Experience Stuck On Cruise Due To Hurricane Harvey

Cynthia Drake and her family took a seven day cruise out of Galveston.

However, Hurricane Harvey extended their stay to 13 days.

“I’m on the Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas, we are currently porting in Miami, Florida. We have come from Galveston, Texas of what was supposed to be a seven day cruise which we are now on day ten,” says Drake.

Cynthia Drake, a Central Michigan University grad, living in Austin, Texas and her family  ended up stuck on a cruise ship.

“When we arrived in port it had been closed due to weather conditions. They were not allowing any ships to dock there so we had a couple of hours where the captain was thinking maybe they would allow an exception and they were not doing that, our ship along with some Carnival ships had to reroute to other ports. We rerouted to Miami,” says Drake.

Half of the people on board got off in Miami.

Cynthia and her family did not because their car was back in Texas.

Many passengers were upset and uncertain about what they would eventually return home to in Texas.

“I mean we were all watching the weather reports aboard the Liberty and most of the people I would say on the ship were from Texas and have family and friends back home. I think we were all very concerned about the flooding the destruction,” says Drake.

Cynthia says the cruise continued with the same food and entertainment, arriving back in Galveston five extra days later.

“We’re very lucky and the general sentiments of the ship is were grateful for our health and safety,” says Drake.

Luckily, Cynthia and her family’s home is OK and they have been helping those affected by Harvey.