12-Year-Old Boy Stabs Man, Defends Mom From Assault on Sugar Island

A Chippewa County woman and her son are OK after deputies say the 12-year-old boy stabbed a man in self-defense.

“A 12 year old boy who came in defense of his mother, ended up stabbing the suspect in the back,” Chippewa County Sheriff Mike Bitnar, said.

Early Monday morning, Chippewa County deputies were called to the assault at a home on Lake George road on Sugar Island.

Police say the preteen took matters into his own hands, when a man threatening his mom fired multiple rounds inside a Sugar Island home.

The sheriff’s office says the 12 year-old boy and his mother fled through a field near their house, as the suspect continued to fire shots in their direction.

“The two victims, the mother and the son were able to run away from the residence at which time additional shots were fired,” Sheriff Bitnar, explained.

Neighbors across the road were awakened by yelling, followed by the sound of bullets.

“It sounded like it was going through sheet metal, it was like ‘ting ting.’ After five shots she’s looking out the window I yelled at her get away from the window, get down, we don’t know where bullets are going to be flying,” Ron Spees, said.

Lasting throughout the night, Ron and his wife said it was a scary situation but they’re thankful it didn’t turn out worse.

“We’re thankful the lady and son made it out OK and hopefully he [the suspect] gets the help he needs,” Lisa Spees, said.

The suspect’s name is being withheld until he is formally charged after he is treated for his injuries and released from the hospital.

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