Despite Labor Day Meaning, Some Traverse City Businesses Remain Open

Traditionally people spend a day off from work on Labor Day, but what about the people who still have to work?

Not only does it mark the unofficial end of summer and the start of the school year many depend on local businesses to stock up on last minute needs.

Labor Day is known as a day of relaxation and commemorating the working class but for Mary Brady, a stylist at Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids it’s a day full of hard work.

Brady says, “I know a lot of people depend on me because everyone is getting ready to go back to school and like today I think we have 17 to 20 haircuts so I have to be on my game. Some people called like three weeks ago just to get in for today.”

Like any true holiday, good food is also a priority. That’s why, Oryana’s Community Co-op made sure their doors were open Monday.

General manager Stephen Nance says, “It’s always that last minute what did I forget, what did we need that isn’t in the pantry again. Folks will be getting ready for back to school, some folks will be coming back from being on vacations.”

Even if workers don’t get the day off their employers make sure they know they’re appreciated.

Nance says, “We honor our staff, we do pay time and a half for those folks that work this day. We’re working a shorter crew and shorter hours so they can get out and enjoy.”

If you’re like Mary Brady working on Labor Day isn’t so bad, if you love what you do.

Brady says, “I’m happy to help them out. When they leave, the kids love coming here so the get to play games and sit in the car it’s kind of fun to make their day.”