Cadillac Visitors Reflect On Labor Day, Summer’s Last Hurrah

“Spending time with family and friends. Just enjoying Michigan.”

For many, Labor Day feels like summer’s last hurrah.

Whether you hit the road or stayed home with the family, it is a good time to reflect on the last few months.

Many do spend the long weekend checking off those final boxes on their summer bucket lists.

Northern Michigan’s News Leader caught up with a few folks in the thick of Labor Day to see how their summer’s treated them.

“They are kind of relieved, I guess, in a way, because they are wrapping up their summer and kind of wrapping things in,” says Mike Smith, assistant manager at the Beacon & Bridge gas station on M-115 near Cadillac.

Labor Day weekend, long trips, vacations, gas station visits — they all kind of go together, right?

Mike Smith agrees as he watches the holiday traffic flow through Cadillac.

“It’s been fairly steady for us, for the most of the day,” Smith says. “When it started raining, more people started traveling.”

For Labor Day Weekend, even for Labor Day, itself, it’s like looking at the last vestiges of summer as they leave so, for many who are just traveling through Northern Michigan, spending time with those whom they care for the most is where it’s at.

“We were in Petoskey over the weekend so we’re just driving back home,” says Marie Dunn, who stopped in downtown Cadillac.

Marie and Casey Dunn are going all the way back to Chicago from Petoskey.

The trip gives them a lot of time to reflect on what summer brought them.

“It’s been great. We’ve come up here a bunch,” Marie says. “The weather has been really nice. We enjoyed Fourth of July.”

“Got new bikes this summer,” Casey says. “Put a lot of miles on those.”

“It’s just been great because we’ve been in the outdoors,” Marie says.

Cadillac school bus driver Craig Norton embraced the outdoors as well — although he and sidekick, Remington the husky, just traveled around the neighborhood.

“We wait all winter, holding off our projects and everything,” Norton says. “This summer, I built a fence, I built a bench. I built a dog tower.”

Remington, meanwhile got to visit the Cadillac City Park fountain.

Tuesday is back to school for Craig.

As for the Dunn’s, they look back at their favorite part of summer: family.

“Enjoy every minute of the weekend,” Marie Dunn says. “Don’t rush home. That’s probably advice I should take myself but just enjoy it. Relax and spend time with your family and friends.”