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60th Annual Bridge Walk Attracts Walkers New, Seasoned

Of all the tens of thousands of people walking on the bridge , some are walking for a cause, others are excited to be here for their very first time and some have not missed it in decades

“This is my 42nd walk, I started in 1976 it was the bicentennial year I found out how much fun it was and I’ve done it every years since that time and I got my twin sons walking it and they’ve walked it 33 times,” said Stan Kaleto.

Stan has been participating in the Labor Day Bridge Walk for almost as long as it’s been around.

While other walkers had only experienced the bridge in a car.

“We’ve driven over the bridge up to the UP many, many times and I tell them go slow, go slow and now we can go at my speed this is an engineering marvel this is neat,” said Rachel Snyder.

New experiences on one of our state’s oldest landmarks.

One couple even got engaged.

“I wanted it to be something special, something memorable and with a big crowd and stuff like that I thought it would be a good time to do it,” said Kyle Thomson.

And while it was a first for many, it doesn’t sound like anyone wants it to be their last.

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