Men Rescued After Boats Sinks Near Beaver Island

Two men rescued and recovering after spending at least an hour in cold water.

The U.S. Coast Guard believes a boat sunk Sunday afternoon near Beaver Island.

A search started after a distress signal and mayday call came in.

Several crews, including good Samaritans, started looking in the area they thought the call came from.

The U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Traverse City got word the men were rescued shortly after they arrived.

One man went to the clinic on Beaver Island.

Crews flew the other man to Harbor Springs because of severe hypothermia.

We are told they were in the water between one and three hours.

“This is a great example to show when everybody comes together and looks for people who are in trouble, it wasn’t just the Coast Guard that did this today in fact we were just a small part in some ways it was the good Samaritans in both the aircraft and also on the boats, the sheriffs department, the ems that all really came together to find these two gentleman and then actually bring them to safety,” said LCDR Andy Schanno, from U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Traverse City.

Both men were wearing life jackets, which the U.S. Coast Guard says is a major reason they survived.